Available in select Vans Pro Skate Retailers across Europe

Vans x Civilist


There might be a chance that you are working at a petrol station, a H&M in the middle of nowhere or at a skateshop. Wherever you work (or maybe you don’t work at all) there will be opening hours, closing hours, breaks and routines.

If none of the above applies, pull yourself together! If so, let’s continue…

Civilists daily routine when opening up their celebrated store consists of the usual…clean up mess the kids left the day before, put money in the draw, switch the lights on, and then take a short walk to their infamous coffee spot to grab a freshly brewed COFFEE accompanied by a CIGARETTE.

If you care about the story, it’s true, the first thing that happens at every skateshop before it opens is a COFFEE and CIGARETTE (Don’t smoke it’s bad for you!).

Vans x Civilist



Vans x Civilist



Vans x Civilist


With that in mind, the iconic Vans Authentic Pro will remind you of whats stated above, whilst it’s partnering Pro is clothed in an upper that you’ll find on every sack of coffee beans. Oh, we didnt mention the Style 47 DX! A re-release of a classic Slip On Velcro from the Vans archives, dressed with the finest suede on this planet, however this  will be an exclusive to Civilist only, where as the Authentic Pro will be available in select Vans Pro Skate retailers across Europe.

STYLE 47 DX and AUTHENTIC PRO  are available in Civilist from Saturday September 30th.

AUTHENTIC PRO will be available in select Vans Pro Skate dealers across Europe from October 7th.


Vans, “Off The Wall” Since ’66