Larry Edgar and Teresa Azcoaga Crowned 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Champions in Málaga, Spain

Edgar Claims Back-to-Back Pro Cup World Championship Titles

Azcoaga Crowned First-ever Women’s BMX Park Terrain Champion

Chase Hawk and Perris Benegas Win Málaga Vans BMX Pro Cup


Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners

MÁLAGA, Spain (September 23, 2018) – The 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships celebrated a monumental finish as the series crowned Larry Edgar and Teresa Azcoaga the 2018 world champions of BMX park terrain in Málaga, Spain, earlier today. Defending Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgar demonstrated some of the best BMX riding the world has ever seen with colossal airs and technical tricks to earn back-to-back Pro Cup World Championship title wins. Spanish native Teresa Azcoaga upheld her series lead to earn the first-ever women’s BMX park terrain championship title, cementing a historic moment for the BMX community.

Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners

In the main event finals, 2017 Vans Pro Cup Málaga event winner Chase Hawk prevailed yet again with steadfast bike control throughout Rubén Alcántara’s park to take home his second Málaga victory. Dennis Enarson tracked close behind, putting down a huge tail whip transfer into the vert wall to secure a second-place finish, in addition to taking the Best Trick award. In third place, Corey Walsh showcased ingenuity, unlocking some of the course’s most unique lines paired with enormous back-to-back transfers to earn the Best Line award.

Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners

USA’s Perris Benegas revealed the day’s most powerful riding for the women’s division, ruling the course with speed and grace to claim her first Pro Cup podiumwin, while Spain’s front-runner Teresa Azcoaga turned up the heat in her last run to clench second place and the overall series championship title. Pro Cup newcomer Lara Lessman maintained her semi-finals momentum, surpassing the stacked field with advanced tricks and big airs to place third.

“I’m completely blown away, I can’t believe I won the world championship title,” Azcoaga gratefully expressed. “To go from only riding my local park one year ago, to winning the series is a dream.”

Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners


1. Chase Hawk
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Corey Walsh
4. Gary Young
5. Boyd Hilder
6. Larry Edgar
7. Pat Casey
8. Kevin Peraza
9. Matt Cordova
10. Alex Hiam

HIGH AIR – Alejandro Vela

BEST TRICK – Dennis Enarson with his huge double whip transfer into the vert wall

VANS BEST LINE – Corey Walsh with his massive back-to-back transfers

Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners


1. Perris Benegas
2. Teresa Azcoaga
3. Lara Lessmann
4. Nina Buitrago
5. Nikita Ducarroz
6. Anahi Valentina
7. Hannah Roberts
8. Jesse Gregory
9. Angie Marino

BEST TRICK – Perris Benegas with her huge toboggan transfer

Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners
Vans BMX Pro Cup Winners

The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series, the definitive platform for BMX park terrain competition, capped off an extraordinary international world tour with the culmination of crowning two new World Champions in Málaga, Spain. To see the full list of 2018 results and more information on competition format, locations, World Championships recap, season highlights and more, please visit